The Tools to Succeed

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase “give people the tools they need to succeed”.

It’s something that you will often see on a job description or said at an interview to entice you to join a company. You will be given everything you need for success and actively encouraged to flourish.

This relationship should be exactly the same with your Recruiters. The more time, information and honesty you give them, the better tools they have to go out and succeed, which is the whole reason you use them in the first place.

In the Salesforce market, the competition is FIERCE. Multiple companies all hunting the same skill set and using agencies to find them. Your Recruiter is effectively acting on your behalf, representing your brand and should be as knowledgeable and as passionate as you.

Yes, it takes a bit longer at the beginning stages when you explain the vacancy, but it will save time when you therefore only see CVs that are relevant. If your Recruiter is not asking questions such as “what has been the biggest challenge you have faced this year?” or “what are you plans for your Salesforce org over the next 6 months?” then they are simply not interested in finding the RIGHT candidate.

Work with Recruiters that WANT to understand you. At Stride Consulting, we do! We have a vacancy on-boarding process which should take around 30 minutes. We want to really get a feel for your business, what’s important to you and what makes a great fit. This allows us to speak confidently to your potential new team members, find the Superstars and get them excited at the idea of working for you.

If you do not give your Recruiters the tools they need to succeed, they will fail. So be selective, build relationships and invest time in them and you will see a difference in the results.

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