Salesforce Strictly (Blog 4) – Group Dance

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since my last blog, I hope you are all good! A special hello and thank you to my blog subscribers. By the way, you can add yourself by using my new fancy link at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry, I’ll delete your details after the show in November so you won’t get any spam from me.

To give you some background, at the weekend a fellow Strictly dancer (yes that is what I am calling us!) Ally and I, went to a fancy dance shop to buy some appropriate dance shoes. These bad boys start at around £89 so it’s a huge investment and naturally requires a lot of choosing. We were both quite excited to be there but I can only describe the experience as that shopping scene from Pretty Woman. I’d love to be able to go back and say, “big mistake, huge!” but I think the assistant may have been right. It was clear we didn’t belong in there, it was quite busy with a steady stream of people coming in and out and a few little girls in cute ballet tutus dancing about the store. We tried a few shoes on but they either didn’t fit or just weren’t quite right, so we left and headed to the pub instead. I did however purchase some “training shoes” from eBay, which are meant to help me get used to dancing in heels and stop me looking like Bambi on ice! Naturally, I had to get the sparkly ones and to be fair, I can report they were very comfortable and I haven’t fallen over….. yet.

Back to practise day – on the train I was more nervous than normal. Would I remember it all? Would my new shoes hurt me? Am I going to fall over and break my leg? The usual stuff. But when we got there and the music was playing, it was surprising how much just came back to us from pure muscle memory….. and of course, the teaching from the amazing Michael always helps.

There was however, a confusing part towards the end when we were asked to swap partners, whilst cha-cha-ing and it completely threw me. I was meant to move (I think) in an anti-clockwise direction. Let me stop you there. Anti-clockwise?!? I actually have trouble naturally understanding left and right, so asking me to then consider the movement of a clock hand was a step too far. I mean, I know which direction left and right are but I have to actually think about it rather than it being instant knowledge. It’s surprisingly common with most experiments/surveys suggesting nearly 20% of women have the same problem. Who knew? Here’s an article about it –

Anyway, the group dance is now complete! I think it will look amazing on the night if we get it right. Fingers crossed. The fear of the Jive is starting to kick in now though, not helped by Sean’s attempt on the BBC Strictly. Did you see it?! I am desperate to start the training and decide on a song. Only 1 week to go.

I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored me so far. I am so grateful for every donation because I know how much using these charities can genuinely change lives. I am supporting Mind and Sports Traider, who are both simply fantastic.

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