Salesforce Strictly (Blog 3) – Group Dance Again

Today’s session was about practising what we had learnt on Monday (easy) and learning a new section (not so easy!). There was a real worry that my brain wouldn’t be able to pick up any more new steps but I managed to find some room in my memory. I just wonder what fell out, how to make scrambled eggs or something maybe?

Before we even began, our fabulous teacher Michael Litke told us that he now knew which dances we were doing and who we were partnered with. Suddenly you could feel the tension in the room, time to get serious. More on that later. While I’m mentioning Michael, I’d like to give a shout out to his feature on the BBC news about same-sex partner dancing – Why Shouldn’t a Man Dance Rumba with a Man?

Back to Flow Dance Studios and we had some new faces who had to play catch up and they all managed extremely well, despite how daunting it must have been. We were all getting it and now we are a little more comfortable with each other, more jokes are made, laughter heard and friendships formed. We are still rotating partners for learning the group piece, which is a great way to help each other out when the memory is failing! On that note, shout out to Ben who helped me get the timing for the beginning section! Oh and I do need to apologise to McTasty…. he knows who he is!

Anyway moving on, it was soon break time and we gathered to hear our dancing fate. I am thrilled (and terrified) to announce that I will be dancing the Jive, which is the fastest of the dances offered and is sure to be incredibly hard. It also does not help that I have had the same dream twice, where I am dancing in the studio and attempt a fancy over-the-shoulder-lift number and when I land, I break my leg. As I’ve said, twice I have had that dream and it ends with me being allowed to hobble on at the end of the group number in a full leg cast. Hopefully that stays just a dream, not a premonition!

So now to the person stuck with me throughout this experience – Paul Hutchinson.

If you are reading Paul, I’d like to pre-warn you I have been practicing my triple step so you’d better bring your A-game and I apologise in advance for stepping on your toes which I feel will be inevitable.

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