Salesforce Strictly (Blog 1) – Audition Day

Written by Rebecca Pooley – Founder of Stride Consulting. 

For those that aren’t aware, I  am competing in a Strictly style dance competition. It is designed to strengthen the Salesforce network through sequins, fundraise for some excellent causes and ultimately have some fun.

Before the audition (Tuesday 11th September), I had messaged a few fellow competitors and arranged to meet at the pub for a nerve calming drink, which I can’t say worked that well! Soon it was time to get changed. “Dress to impress” we were told, bonus points for creativity, so I went for it…

I arrived at the Troxy to realise almost everyone had ignored the dressing up bit (thanks guys!) so dressed as the class clown I was ready to put my best foot forward. The first task was to master the basic steps of the Waltz, which we all managed to do fairly quickly, with the amazing instruction of our teacher, Michael Litke. We partnered up and when it worked, it was beautiful. You could glide across the floor in perfect harmony. Occasionally we may have bumped in to each other or stepped on each other’s toes but hey, we were having fun!

An hour later, we took a break and went to see the area where we would be performing and it’s pretty impressive! Then we are told not only are we being watched by an audience of at least 1200 people but that the event will be streamed live! Now that is scary! But at least we have weeks to prepare. That was followed by a casual “Oh and by the way, we have been live streaming tonight on Twitter”. You can find the videos if you follow Partner Event Promtions and that way, you can see what other jewels they come up with. And if you are doing that, why not follow my company page (Stride Consulting) too?!

The next session was the Cha-Cha and I think it’s safe to say that’s where things became less coordinated. The combination of speed, footwork and the fact we had already been dancing for an hour had weakened us as a group. But we persevered and shimmied through it, well, most of us!

And now we have to make a huge decision…. Which dance do we choose?!

That determines our training schedule which involves 2 x 2 hour sessions a week! So it really is a big commitment from everyone involved. Finally, it’s important to remember that this is all being done for charity. I am doing this for Mind and Sports Traider, reasons why and how to donate can be found here – If you are a business and would like to attend the event/become an official sponsor, email me to see package details which include, food, drink and an evening which promising to be very entertaining.

Keep your eyes open for more updates, meanwhile I need a lie down.

(2 days later – I’ve had such interest in this post, it has made me think I need to set up a Mailing List so you can be emailed each blog as they come out.  I promise I won’t share your details or even tell anyone you have signed up, it can be our little secret). 

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