Hiring Salesforce Talent

Do I NEED To Work With A Salesforce Recruitment Agency?

This question really boils down to how much time you have. Yes, it is possible to write an advert, read all the submitted CVs, shortlist the "OK" looking ones, host telephone interviews, continue through your process and hopefully find someone. But here's the problem in the Salesforce world... the people that you want IN the market, are not ON the market. The people you want are already in jobs and not looking at your advert. So using a recruitment agency who are Salesforce specialists who already have relationships with the best people might just save you time and money.

Do I Know Who I'm Dealing With? And Do I Like Them?

At Stride Consulting, we like to do things the old-fashioned way. We like to meet our clients and really get a feel for each other which ultimately helps to speed up your recruitment process. For example, who can explain why your business is a great place to work better than you. That information becomes invaluable when talking to your potential new team member.

You will also be given a dedicated Senior Consultant who will be your point of contact throughout your hiring needs to help build that trusting relationship. Hopefully, you like us!

How Much Will this Cost Me?

One size does not fit all. Therefore we wouldn't expect that to work for recruiting Salesforce Talent. Stride Consulting offers 4 different levels of service, allowing you to pick the right service for your needs and budget. To find out more, drop us an email.