Top Tips for Choosing a Salesforce Recruitment Agency

Partnering with a specialist recruitment agency has several benefits for any company, especially when it comes to Salesforce, Hiring can be an arduous process regardless of the size of a business and any mistakes made in the process can be rather costly, so choosing the right Salesforce recruitment agency at the beginning is an important first step. By partnering with a specialist recruitment agency such as Stride Consulting, employers can take the burden of finding, testing and hiring new talent off of their shoulders and can instead be confident that their vacancies will be handled by the best recruitment professionals.

However, how do you make sure you partner with the best? The ideal Salesforce recruitment partner would know the market, trends, how to save both time and money, what your competitors are doing and would have heightened access to all potential candidates, however passive. Here are some tips to make sure you choose the best recruitment partner –

1) Find a Specialist

When looking for a Salesforce recruitment agency, you will find that many recruitment agencies are ‘generalist’ firms. This means that while they promise to provide you with the best candidates, they do not really specify the type of companies and sectors they work with. Therefore, if your company is one that needs Salesforce skills, it is important to find a recruitment partner who also specialises in Salesforce. At Stride Consulting, we focus solely in the Salesforce market and will not only be better equipped to understand potential candidates, but we also have better targeted audience and will be more likely to attract the skills you need.

2) Be Cautious of Face Value

When it comes to partnering with someone who will essentially decide your workforce, and therefore your overall performance, it is important to delve deeper than face value. These days, any recruitment agency you find will have a professional-looking website. However, this does not translate into actual professionalism or skill. While a website may boast great expertise, it is important to delve into fact-finding; discuss with the agency other companies they have worked with, check the individual experience of the team members, and ask plenty of questions to determine the agency really is knowledgeable. At Stride Consulting, we like to host a “Launch Meeting” with all clients before working on their vacancies to ensure we both understand and trust each other.

3) Consider Reputation and Experience

It is important to remember that your Salesforce recruitment agency is your partner and your shop’s window in the hiring market; they will be your company’s face and their reputation and experience is eventually what will determine the type of candidates they attract. There is no denying that any company’s skills can be judged from their client base, and this is especially true when it comes to the Salesforce CRM sector. A great way to go about this is to rely on the word of mouth; recommendations can help you find the best recruiter.

4) Discuss Recruitment Strategies

While it is indeed beneficial to outsource your to a Salesforce recruitment agency, it is not advisable to be oblivious of the processes. If for example, they carry out specific screening tests, determine with your judgment if this is the best way to find candidates for your Salesforce vacancies. Having a detailed conversation about strategies and essentially testing your recruiter’s professional knowledge can give you great insight into whether or not the partner will be fruitful for you. This is something that Stride Consulting takes very seriously, we follow a specific screening process which can be adapted to your individual needs.

5) Be Prepared to Spend

While you should definitely be cautious of firms that charge you way too much, Salesforce recruitment is an industry where you should also not be looking for excessive discounts and cheap packages. A specialist firm that comes with experienced consultants and promises the best employees for your company is indeed going to come with a certain price. While this may initially seem too much to pay, it is important to remember that the costs associated with a wrong employee are high. Having a poor workforce, paying them for a certain amount of time, terminating them, and looking for replacements will cost you time and money – something a good recruitment partner will help you save on. It is, therefore, appropriate to pay a decent amount of money for them to handle your HR. Stride Consulting offer’s 4 different levels of service to make this easier to find the balance between your needs and your budget, email to request and explanation of these levels.

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