Salesforce and AI

Over the last year, Salesforce has increased its market share by a higher percentage than the rest of the top twenty CRM companies combined. The company has been topping all charts when it comes to CRM, sales, marketing and customer service and, as claimed by the company itself, the future of the customer experience is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Company-Client Relationship
Over the last few years, the way that a company treats its customers, connects with them, and serves to their needs has been the prime determining factor of success. This is what has given rise to CRM vendors like Salesforce, which would not have been pertinent a decade ago. Every company owner who starts a venture now knows that it is only through the provision of an exceptional customer experience that the business can grow to its full potential as well as make its mark and stay alive amidst the harsh market. While predicting customer needs and serving them was once based on human-to-human interaction, the rigor and the urgency of the process now means that technology must come into play, in order to help its human counterparts identify the needs of their clients, process them, make computations and provide the best solutions. This is what Salesforce is now tapping into and planning to implement in the future: creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist the sales representatives of a company and to enhance CRM.

AI and Salesforce
It is believed that AI-driven CRM will be in very high demand very soon, and all businesses who can afford it will want to incorporate it in their sales and marketing processes. Salesforce, the leading CRM platform right now, has successfully taken cue from these predicted customer and business needs and has begun to invest in AI/Machine Learning. While it may seem massive at first, it must be noted that AI is present all around us; whether it is in our computers guiding us to relevant content or in assistants in our smartphones, it is already enhancing user experience worldwide. Now, Salesforce has put its forces behind AI in order to be ahead of the competition, as it already is, to shift market trends, and to be the first AI CRM vendor to fulfill the demand for such a management system – in the shape of Salesforce Einstein. As the most innovative company for the last 8 years, it is only appropriate that Salesforce has kept the consumer at the center of its services this time around as well.

Salesforce Einstein
The company’s AI platform is Salesforce Einstein and is designed to provide insights into sales, marketing, and customer service – the three major domains that bring a service provider into direct contact with its service recipients. Einstein will also be able to analyze Returns on Investment, as well as the apps being used by a company. It will, for example, analyze the current app usage, decide which ones are futile and which are the new ones that should be employed for better productivity. Within the next few years, it is expected that every sales, marketing and customer service employee will be aided by an artificially intelligent assistant, who will thoroughly analyze customer needs and compute a solution.

The Impact on Sales and Marketing
Salesforce CRM analytics powered by AI are not only beneficial in the future of the company, but for all the businesses and their customers that are involved in transactions handled by AI at the backend. In sales, AI can help predictive lead and can classify potential consumers based on their probability of converting into customers, thus identifying serious buyers. This is done through past interactions and other similar data obtained and gives employees an upper hand on who to target their marketing towards in order to reap the maximum benefit.

In the domain of marketing, Salesforce’s AI can help marketers tailor ad experiences for their customers, personalizing them to heighten conversion rates. Marketing campaigns in the future will be better optimized, and will be based on real-time visitor analysis. From individual to group data, it will all be computed through various social channels so as to gain a deeper understanding of difference customers and their needs, and thus invest in and design marketing initiatives that are more likely to succeed.

In all, Salesforce Einstein is expected to become the first comprehensive AI CRM to help businesses become smarter and customers become more satisfied.