Career Advice

Finding a Salesforce job can be find, particularly if you are already working. At Stride Consulting, all our consultants work independently. This means we are not constrained to “normal” working hours, so if you need to chat in the evening or weekends it’s no problem. It also means it is in our best interest to give you the support and help you deserve. No bosses telling us to push you into decisions you are not ready for.

Dipping Your Toes

At Stride Consulting, we understand looking for a new Salesforce job can be quite daunting, so why not book a discreet chat at a time of your convenience to explore your future?

Know What You Want

Do you know the job you want to have but not sure how best to get it or where to go? Talk to us about the best company fit for you.

Stay or Go?

Are you being paid as much as you should? Is the grass greener or is it better the devil you know? Our experienced Salesforce consultants can help you work this out.