Welcome to Stride Consulting - Salesforce Recruitment

The Oxford dictionary defines the word stride as to "walk with long decisive steps in a specified direction". At Stride Consulting, we thought that was a great explanation of our intent, taking decisive steps towards a better future.

We are a Salesforce Recruitment Agency based in the UK in Kent (just outside London) who specialise solely in the world of Salesforce CRM. Essentially, it is our job to match professionals with the right company for their skills, passion and personality. Think of us as a lover of jigsaw puzzles.

We currently work with a variety of companies; from Salesforce Platinum Consultancies, Independent Software Vendors and start-up businesses to multi-national end-users, independent businesses and all the rest in between. We match them with Salesforce juniors taking their first steps, people who know their stuff and still want to grow and professionals who are shaping the future of the market.